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        Sci Fi Alternative Movie  

        Time Reactor (English version) - Sci Fi Surrealistic Cyberpunk DIY Movie by Dmitry Tikov

        HD quality 1920x1080


         English version is finished

        Contact if you are interested in purchase or investment to next film project. drtikov(@ntispam)gmail.com

        style: cyberpunk, sci-fi, surrealsim, music

        Professor Durilov`s invention make the Earth involved into a strange Intergalactic events. New reactor - using time as a fuel - The Time Reactor. The first cyberbrain flight in Quantum MareNostrum Spaceship to other stars and planets.

        More info about the flight and technical realisation at http://www.elclubdelosastronautas.com



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        Payaso Durilov - Funny Comical Movie about work of Street Rambla Clown in Barcelona



        Clown Durilov - vol 1- documentary about Barcelona street clown. People laugh a lot of him and his jokes. We are looking for some TV channel to show this funny 25 min movie. - Completed ready for Sale




        More Funny videos of Clown Durilove here at this page



        If you like this movie feel free to send some donation to artist